An image of Adalid and Brandon

Adalid Rodriguez Bustamante ⚤ Brandon Smith

November 23, 2018
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

About the Couple

Ada and Brandon have been together since May of 2013.

They met online in a video game in a random server they decided to join late in 2012. The people that played on the server were fun to play with. Ada enjoyed playing with friendly people around her skill level, and Brandon enjoyed doing silly things and seeing if they worked. They played together on the server occasionally and talked infrequently because Ada was very shy.

After some time Ada was not making progress on her thesis for university and one night she had a meltdown. She wanted to talk with someone in her friends list about it, but most of the people there were either offline or not interested in chatting about it. Brandon was the exception as he read the flurry of messages Ada sent to him and even provided his own input to the thesis. It was a very comforting experience for Ada. The thesis moved forward and thanks to that night Ada felt comfortable talking with Brandon more.

In May of 2013 Brandon asked to be in a long-distance relationship, and initially Ada was opposed to the idea as she felt that it was not what she was looking for. However, after talking with her friends they pointed out that she didn't really have anything to lose by trying it out, and she decided to take the plunge.

Ada had already planned to visit San Francisco later in the year with her friend Diana and she could meet up with Brandon in person at the same time to see if they should continue dating or call it off. The day finally arrived, and of all the days it could have been it was Black Friday. The streets and stores were packed; even so, the three of them were still brave (or foolish) enough to fight the crowds and meet at the Boudin Bakery Cafe in the Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Mall.

Brandon was not what Ada or Diana expected; partly because he was extremely tall compared to Ada’s 5’-4” height and partly because he was very playful and light-hearted. Regardless, Ada had a nice time overall, and after she returned to San Francisco with Diana she immediately wanted to meet with Brandon again. When she did she had a great time driving around smiling and giggling as Brandon vented to her about San Francisco. Before driving back to Tijuana they met up one last time for just a short while and Ada felt like she missed him already. Another visit had to happen.

After their initial contact, Ada and Brandon continued to see each other from time to time, and messaged each other every day. Little by little they noticed that they liked similar things and that they could just hang out and be content in the company of one another. People questioned them all the time about their relationship and claimed that they couldn't really know each other that well since they lived so far apart, but they know that the distance has only served to forge a closer and stronger bond between them.

About the Event

We want you to be comfortable and not stuffed up. If you want to relax a bit Brandon is up for it as he will be sporting a guayabera. If you want to travel back in time and feel nostalgic Ada will be in a puffed up vintage dress.

Suits, dress pants, and cocktail dresses are great choices.

Join either aesthetic and relax as you are bound to match one of us. If you want to join the groom in wearing a guayabera there is a nice store close by called La Ruta De Las Delicias with a wide variety of colorful options to choose from.